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tv   FOX Business After the Bell  FOX Business  September 28, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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liz: if you look over the quarter, while major indices are looking very good, the dow transports lagged. today as well in the red but for the quarter down more than 6% makes you wonder does this forego negative things for the fourth quarter. david: you shouldn't let oil concerns stray youth and the issue of what is happening with gas, natural gas up to date ending the month up 18%. a lot of people said gas was dead, but not so. this is the best monthly gain for natural gas in two years. liz: some of the best traded e etf, the homebuilders did well, but look at the minors. today they were down for the third quarter, looking very good. david: and the airplanes, we don't have those.
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liz: we will show you the airlines later. despite falling today, bank of america the best performer this month still the leader for the entire year. bank of america did a moonshot settling up and suddenly again looking not bad at all for the quarter. david: stocks ending the quarter with big gains, so what is in store for the next? our all-star panel gives you their flavor coming up. liz: a race for the finish, one leading the pack, the ceo of finish line joining us exclusively to talk about the consumer, the blowout numbers and their new adventure to do stars in macy's. why did they pick daisies over other retailers? coming up exclusively. david: and a lot of other stuff, but today's data downloaded despite ending the session in the red, all three major indices ending the month and the quarter higher. the nasdaq led the quarter up
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more than 6% followed by the s&p up more than 5%, nine of the 10 s&p sectors ended the quarter higher followed by energy and technology utilities. manufacturing activity contracted for the first time in three years in september. institute for supply management chicago business barometer fell to 49.7% in september from 50.3% the prior month. any reading below 50 indicates contraction, the manufacturing is going into a temporary contraction. despite this, picking consumers boosted spending in august by the biggest amount in six months. spending rose by .5% in august sparking the second straight game. liz: in the pits of the cme. the top three stocks for the next quarter. and tells us how they won't say this economy at least not now.
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starting with larry at the cme. give us a quick mention of a snapshot of what you feel really drove this past month and quarter because it has been pretty good but what happens the third and fourth quarter? >> you will see it continue to rally. talk about how the markets have rallied over the last quarter, giving them back kind of pulling onto that rally so to speak so it is interesting to watch the market when they so often are able to hold the levels they have, 1429 the s&p, the number you probably want to watch. lots of buyers coming in, people want to buy them whether they are going up or down and right now we're doing a little bit of going down. lots of buyers coming in. david: a question if the market is losing a little love for qe3. others had more of a sustained pop, is the love kind of dissipating a bit?
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>> to look at the ratio the first was decent, the second one was less than a lot of traders expect the third one to be even less than the last. traders will get in front of that. aggressive traders are going to want to share the market because it is a short-lived situation, they certainly think this will be short lived. david: let's bring in the wells fargo managing director, and jerry leavy, senior equity strategist. happy friday. manufacturing numbers, they're in a contraction. is this contraction of my affection in a blip or will it be sustained and go down further? >> i don't know if contraction might not be overstating it. david: it is the technical term when it is below 50. >> it has to be well below 50
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before it really threatens the recession on the economy and manufacturing is definitely stalling out and the reason i brought up a little technical is where very close to 50. our forecast has the pmi rising 50.2. that is not good. but his stall speed. it is all we will see, don't think it will get a whole lot worse than that i don't think we'll get better the next two or three months. look at all the manufacturing surveys, the order series have been weakening for the last several months running well below the headline numbers, so they may dip a little bit further and make it down to 48 the next couple of months but that is about as bad as it is going to get. liz: you have milwaukee, dallas, philadelphia, if i can ask you as you look forward to a stalled
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engine, usually you need more gasoline or some type of an electrical jolt to get it going again, what will serve as that's gasoline? >> we don't need any more gas. we need a better engine and may be a better driver. we don't need more gas. look at the factory surveys, one of the things that stands out is the part o parts of the countryt exposed to europe are slowing the most. which i had a pretty good number, a lot of products with homebuilding doing a little bit better but the real gains in housing are likely to be this spring, not in the fall and winter months. i'm afraid the slowdown will take gdp. a very weak economic number in the next summer months. david: do you think we can avoid a recession?
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>> to mark's point, he said all right, we are not contracting but if you look at the trend, the trend is lower. even at 50, even if pmi and others stay at 50, what will deliver the market bigger earnings? companies are at peak margins right now. without additional funds and revenues coming in, the stock market's going to set it up for a big disappointment. next quarter looking 9.5% growth in earnings, where does that come from? you have no catalyst in europe or china, in my mind i don't see the next step nor do i see a big vote of confidence in the american consumer. in the election helped with the fiscal cliff to take that away. little bit more cautious i guess you will perhaps of a recession moving into the next quarter. david: were not entirely inactive, you like certain names.
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there are names of stocks you feel our opportunities, can you talk about some of those? >> don't start to blanket the stock market and so i will not buy the stock market. look for stocks that have relatively low expectations, don't be buying the big growth companies, buy stocks with prices below 15, and also look at something called the pay ratio, peg, preferably 1.2. that means there's not a lot of growth with that company, don't grow that much to keep the pe low and the sectors i am looking at specifically or the wireless rock band providers, lot of opportunity. remember sprint had a great quarter, they're rebuilding their powers. chicago, dallas, they need new towers. and unlike qualcomm. the gentleman talked before the close. david: we had a pop up 18% for
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the month. you think natural gas is a buy, why? >> talk about this over the past several months. here is the deal, the sort of look at the way we are converting, t. boone pickens has been a big push towards natural gas. the change in the way we utilize natural gas. david: at the taxicab today, had a different feel to it, i asked the driver, he said i have a natural gas engine. there are only two stations in the manhattan area, when north manhattan, south manhattan, he said he saved 50% on his gas bill every week, so you begin to see the switch over. >> you brought up a great point, fleet, not just taxes, which i think will be the next, but all these different fleets of trucks are all gravitating towards natural gas.
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shipping overseas, a lot of rumblings about that, but sooner does the price, the only move it higher. davidliz: what is the number one piece of data you will be looking at? can we assume it is a jobs report the month of september or is it something else? looking at supply management, we have to see some improvement but we have been recently, some really weird production schedules in the auto sector. looking at the new orders component in the unfilled orders component, both of them have been weakening. the increases my discomfort level. if look at employment, we always do come it has been a weird thing to kind of figure looking for 115,000 jobs to be created, unemployment rate unchanged. look at the jobs number, look at the composition. what kind of jobs are we adding. 40% since the recession ended or
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censored adding jobs in 2010 has been in low-wage industries, retailing, hospitality, temporary services, home health care, that is why we have no income growth. david: you guys are terrific, great analysis, thank you very much. we're going to check back in with you a couple of minutes and see how the s&p futures are closing out the week. liz: they're leaving footprints all over the competition. the ceo of finish line joining us an inside look into their quarter and their new deal with macy's, a fox business exclusive. david: it has been called the webs best conversation and everybody is getting in on it from president obama to larry king. joining us in a fox business exclusive, what is driving more than 43 billion people to their site every month? liz: talk about an online buzz, which online site is launching a marketplace for wine? [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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liz: s&p futures closing right now. let's go back to larry at the cme group. >> a little bit of a selloff in the last five or so minutes. it was kind of interesting to see the market selloff on a friday for the last few fridays they have been moving higher each day. some profit-taking, to be interesting to see people buy these drop in the market, see they can hold these levels may stock index that we have at the cme. liz: thank you. david: shares of green mountain coffee dropping after they plan to sell a cheaper bottle of the security brewer. let's go back for more on this. nicole. nicole: we talk about single cup servings of coffee, that is a growing industry growing exponentially. that is why starbucks has their
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new coffee maker, which i actually got an e-mail about today. we have these companies competing so hard in order to get the copyright. they are offering another type of coffee maker for a cheaper price. the difference is it will be less expensive, $209 rather than $229 except instead of a color touchscreen, black and white touchscreen, rather than a silver band accent, no accent. he still get the same coffee, that is the whole idea, trying to get the customers in. liz: finish line has just signed an exclusive deal with macy's after posting better-than-expected earnings. business is really good for the company. opening footwear stores inside 450 macy's department stores making finish on the very first athletic footwear retailer to partner with the retail giant.
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joining us now in a fox business exclusive is the ceo of finish line. thank you for being here. looking at your numbers, they look pretty good, same-store sales as well but 19% increase in your earnings, what is really driving it for you when the consumer isn't exactly robust. >> actually it was 26% increase in the earnings, but our business has been terrific for quite a while, for a number of quarters and it has everything to do with product. the development engine of our brand has gone into full gear over the last few years and the innovation has been great, our core customer, the teenage kid is loving what they are seeing and it keeps coming. david: same-store sales up 12%? >> right.
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obviously it was good enough macy's said let's bring in finish line to open the stars, let's talk about that process, how did you get brought together to make this happen? >> actually i made a phone call about a year ago, i'm a student of the business and i shop a lot of stores and i spent 10 years of my career at macy's in the 70s, so maybe call into their business development people and said i think i can help you. i think we have aspect imac access to products that can elevate your assortment and obviously turn the revenues. about six months after i made that first call we began to engage in conversation and i think we all came to the conclusion that a partnership like this could help both companies. liz: let me know if i am wrong
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on this, but you would see some cannibalization of your own stars of finish line if you are inside of macy's? >> macy's has other partnerships and we have been privy to some information as to how the transitions occurred below there was very minimal cannibalization at the start, what happened is over the first year of doing business, everything elevated. it exposed the brand to customers, our brand to customers who were not typically familiar with this. this is a new demographic for us. the department store demographic, which is highly female, is really only 20% of the business of finish line today. this is venturing into engaging with a brand-new customer for us. liz: so much of retail is fickle tastes of teenagers and especially when it comes to your product itself, people change their minds a lot.
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i know you carry nike, they just have a tough quarter they reported, and now i have my 10-year-old saying i need it. she shows me, little italian sneaker, are you concerned may keep is no longer cool? you tell me what will be the hot seller. >> your daughter has a very sophisticated taste. quite the contrary. nike, especially in the states, north america, continues to be very strong and if you look at their future and their earnings out of north america, business continues to be very powerful and companies like mine have been able to take advantage of that as we partner with nike on all the great elite products and they continue to come to the market. we are especially strong in basketball, those are areas where nike, adidas, people like that have come up with great
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innovation in the last couple of years and it keeps going, it keeps coming. we are very optimistic about the marketplace and our position in it. liz: we would love to walk into one of those stars with you, please, let us do that. >> we look forward to that. david: 450 stores inside macy's. david: i love the fact he uses old connections working there, you never lose the connections, folks, you never know when they can come back to help you. what do jimmy kimmel, president obama and stephen colbert have in common? they're all taking your questions on website reddit. joining us in a fox business exclusive talk about their future plans and why they say they're looking to make this the social election. liz: now you can gift to your friends if you like them enough. that story straight ahead.
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>> is revisiting a business plan it pulled back from in tween. liz: you may be surprised what marketplace the retail be giant wants to tap into. fox business's adam shapiro has details. >> liz, i have got to ask you, shera, what is your favorite if you're red wine drippinger? liz: screaming eagle. >> cathy griffin says about her mother and the box of win, tip it, tip it. if you need wine you can order online not yet with amazon. there are a lot of companies where you order on loon. cameron we profiled them on fox business. now amazon is creating a marketplace.
4:26 pm
they won't actually ship the wine. they will connect you with the wine vinters and wineries will ship the wine. they will charge 15% commission and charge wineries $40 a month to take part. each state has different laws who is allowed to ship wine or not. for instance in new jersey it is different than new york. in new jersey, if you want to buy online mailed to you can be sent to your office. you can do that with once they get the program up and running. david: adam, amazon is not only business that is rolling out a business different than with people are used to. facebook getting a pop as a result of them going into a news business for them. >> i have to ask you, david. with facebook if you were reminded on facebook your wife's birthday should you forget i and i know you never would. david: never would. >> friend, send them cupcakes or something leak that? david: interesting you asked. i was skeptical when i first heard about, would would be
4:27 pm
easy. one click you wouldn't have to look around the web for something. >> that's right. facebook will offer its users the ability to purchase different gifts for friends so that don't forget. we have a little graphic. you can send a gift card from amazon for from a starbucks or you could send a magnolia cupcakes. they are kind of dry though. i like crumbs myself. you could send a care bear. that not one thing facebook is venturing off to. critics say that is not what they do but they're looking to create revenue especially for us that forget birthdays. liz: i assume they're getting cut from companies like magnolia. >> assume correct. they don't have overhead on cost of shipping or warehousing of the wine yet getting 15% of commission. as they say in parts of new jersey it is an offer you can't refuse. >> it is a slightly different model.
4:28 pm
good to see you, adam. thank you very much. >> thanks. liz: social media sites speaking of which play a major role in this year's election. a new player looking to give facebook a run for its mother. giving users ask me anything, ama opportunity with president obama and other leaders. the ceo joins us exclusively next. david: victoria's secret is ready to play ball. the retailer getting set to open a new store in unlikely place, a football stadium. they had that underwear league, remember? we'll tell you about that coming up with videos of course in today's speed read.
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liz: time for a quick speed read. some of the day's other top headlines. five stories, one minute. first up, intel unveils a
4:32 pm
closer trail chip for tablets running on windows 8. it provides additional battery life. the tablets go on say october 26th. starbucks lays out plans to open the first indian location in late october. the coffee giant behind schedule for the original plan to open 50 shops in india by the end of the year. cap bell's soup shutting down two u.s. plants, one in california, one in new jersey. closing will affect 700 jobs. they expect to save $0 million annually from the cuts. kodak ending sales of printers and cutting 200 additional jobs as the company looks to raise fund and emerge from bankruptcy. vicktory i can't secret i will slow down. don't tell me. the opening store at dallas cowboys stadium. it will feature hoodies, t-shirts, apparel and underwear. why are you showing these? david: i have no idea.
4:33 pm
made it on time. liz: i'm not as exciting as those models. yes you are, liz. yes you are, liz. david: yes you are, liz. like one of those bobbleheads in the car. this one is one we've been looking forward to. it is a site everyone has playing. major sights play key role in presidential election. sure you heard of facebook and twitter a site is taking a lead role already connecting users directly with president obama. liz: joining us in a fox business exclusive, the cofounder of the superhot site right now, call read it. you have something called, ask me anything. so you have famous people jumping on and saying ask me anything and the first sitting president to do this is president obama. how did it go? >> it went pretty well. what was really special --. liz: did he really answer questions? he. >> spent half an hour. warned the community ahead of time. i have a lot of things on my plate and only have 30 minutes.
4:34 pm
did a great job. libertarian candidate for president came on and did one too. the general manager of houston rockets is doing one. not just famous people. what is the beautiful about the format, it makes sort of mundane really interesting. one of the best interviews with a new york subway conductor. if you're like me wonder what some of the messages on radio mean and secrets you know the answer to it was chance for people to ask it. david: that is fun to do and may be a good way to spend some spare time. whenever you have the president of the united states selling your product, you can capitalize on it on all kind of ways. how have you capitalized on the president? i know the subway conductors are fun stuff but when you get the president that you can convert into money. >> you know, for us it was a big moment because it showed the value of it as an interview format. i personally would like to more politicians coming on. he wasn't the first. hope he is not the last. we extended invitation to
4:35 pm
presidential candidate romney. i would like to see every level of government. david: alexis, i have to press my point with you. how do you monotize getting the president on? for example, if you're a book writer, if you have the president holding your book saying that is a good book you can capitalize on that. how do you that from a website perspective. >> i may not be that good of an entrepreneur to figure that out. it obviously legitimatized red did and put it on. that monetizaton will come but i expect any photos of the president on reddit. liz: you could have gotten a ton of extra people and if houston rockets general manager is doing it may become a great tool for people to self-promote. are you selling advertising? how are you making money on the site? >> at the moment reddit sells ad. like a lot of social media sites advertising is way we make our money.
4:36 pm
what is interesting bit the ads are sort of embedded in the content. the way they can vote on links and vote on ads. same way they can comment on links an comment on ads. advertisers build discussions build dialogues with the community. it is incredible. they know they're participating in advertising but it is good content. david: you may not be taking sides in the presidential election. you had gary johnson and offer the time to mitt romney. you're taking sides on sopa issue. whether or not to leave the internet completely open. you guys almost more than any other particular institution killed that bill, didn't you. >> yeah. we had, last time on the show --. david: you should mention what sopa is. >> stop on line piracy act as many folks referred to it as hollywood bailout. 10 of millions of americans called representatives and senators and said no. that day i was here, 1 senators turn to the other side, five of whom who were
4:37 pm
cosponsors. people outweighing lobbying dollars. thanks to forward thinking congress people, there are forward thinking congresspeople when it comes to the internet, folks like representative issa. we've seen great leadership in now moving it forward, making it clear don't trade on the internet. liz: alexis reddit, ask me anything. a interesting concept. >> thank you very much. liz: let me know when governor romney says he will do it. so far president obama and gary johnson has done it. >> we would love to have him. liz: good stuff. let us know when you go public. >> all right. deal. liz: moments ago, courts vacated dodd-frank rules limiting speculation in commodity markets to a big story. latest on the decision coming up. david: also a new films out that directly takes on one of liberal hollywood's sacred cows. will the film survive the coming ons slaut? we'll ask hollywood producer peter guber coming up.
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now you're a real fishman. [ male announcer ] humana. >> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. wall street posted its biggest third quarter since 2010 but disappointing reports on the u.s. economy didn't help the markets today. at the closing bell the dow finished 48 hours points lower. crude oil futures ended a seesawing session in the black pushing quarterly gains to 8.5%, the highest since the fourth quarter of last year. dollar general unveiled a toy discount ahead of the holiday shopping season. consumers can expect a 10% gift off their toy purchases of $75 or more. the dispoint retailer also added more licensed and name brand items to its holiday lineup. that includes toys from mattel, walt disney and hasbro. discount starts saturday and runs through december 24th.
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that's the latest from the fox business, giving you the power to prosper
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david: there's a new movie out shaking things up because of its direct attack on one of liberal hollywood's most sacred cows labor boar unions. kind of mirror of erin brockovich where unions and lawyers are good guys. this time the parents are fighting against goliath of entrenched teacher's unions and public school bureaucracy with a phalanx of lawyers. it is, won't back down. it has well-known actors like maggie gyllenhaal and viola davis and holly hunter. what does peter guber of mapped today lay entertainment make of all this? peter this, is fox film. fox is owned by news corp which owns fox business.
4:43 pm
you're totally independent guy guy. what do you think of the film? >> i think, that is david and goliath. simply nice very, very complex issues. same group made waiting for superman in 2010. where they were really anti-charter, relatively for charter schools. i think the real issue is they used actors because they wanted to, if you will, embellish, they did say on the screen inspired by two events. the idea nowhere ever in the united states has anybody taken over the school that this film portrays. you should know that. actually in florida, which is certainly a republican state, they failed to pass these trigger laws. california does have one. so the idea this is david and fwo lie act film. it is a fictional film. they tried to present that it is factual but it is fictional. it shine as light on important issue the it isn't all anti-union, that particular union. that particular union which
4:44 pm
is very entrenched and very sophisticated in its membership. this issue is very, very important to our country because it rests on public education and the problems in it and if it shine as light on it and does that and makes people talk about it that's a good thing. david: there have been fictionalized accounts on stories based on reality, like lean on me. morgan freeman film and "stand and deliver". this has been done before. i was a public school teacher in chicago and i debt with the unions. i dealt with the whole public school bureaucracy. it is a mess. this film does not necessarily fictionalize the degree to which the public school system is a mess. i think that is why people will be able to identify with it. >> yes. definitely. they identify with the problem. the solution, i'm not sure they identify with. they identify with the players, the big institutionalized bureaucracy and individual moms and dads trying to get a better education for their
4:45 pm
kids and the problem, that is the central core of the film. on the other hand, you have to recognize really, look at it, honestly and say, that it does simplify a very complex problem. david: it does and it doesn't. sometimes you have to say flat-out this system is not working. we need something different. i know a lot of people, parents and teachers trying to do that. by the way, let's focus a second how hollywood reacted. it is getting slammed on critics. i saw it on sunday with my wife. i was sympathetic with its ideas because i can't stand a lot of public school bureaucracy. here is what ken turin from "l.a. times." this poor film is shamelessly manipulative and hopelessly bogus and bite your tongue in despair. the whole liberal elite is coming down on the film because goes against some of their sacred cows. do you think that will last the attempt to dump on the film. >> union. the question is whether the film will sell as economic
4:46 pm
engine. $19 million film which is not a small amount of money. it has big stars a said. moved from the documentary section of "waiting for superman" into live action actors portraying rolls. they tried to ignite that audience and i think, truthfully --. david: by the way, excuse me for interrupting, that is maggie gyllenhaal. we have to emphasize maggie gyllenhaal is liberal activist. she is not conservative at all. she is star of the film. i thought that might have tempered a little bit. go ahead. >> nothing can temper critics. nothing can hold them down. a film like this can be the bain of their existence so to speak. but the idea here is i think the real question can it ignite a controversy that will create a conclusion that will be helpful? in old days films really did that, they had the voice but today with internet an cable and all other means of media with social networks, it may not be a film may not be the best way to reach the
4:47 pm
audience and really ignite the passions of the public to make a change. david: i don't know. the public is already pretty furious, folks who have their kids in public schools that aren't working. peter, thank you very much. good stuff. appreciate it. peter guber from mandalay entertainment, chair and ceo. liz: a win for traders. cftc chairman gary gensler is disappointed after the court decided to vacate speculative position limits in commodities market. some say that is good for consumers. others say not yet. we have the latest on the decision and reaction. david: a city where big is expectation, the big apple might get a very large addition to its skyline. you might be lining up to ride in it. we'll tell you what that is coming up. ♪ .
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liz: breaking news. about an hour ago a u.s. district judge threw out the part of the dodd-frank law that deals with speculation in the commodity markets. david: now a number of
4:52 pm
people are calling this a victory for wall street. rich edsen has the details. rich, depends on what side of the trade you're on. >> it does. it left the commodity futures trading commission figuring out what to do next. last year the cftc approved narrowly on party line, positions for commodities. the judge ruled that the dodd-frank amendments do not constitute clear unambiguous mandate to set commission limits as commission argues. in a statement cftc chairman gary gensler is disappointed by the ruling and the commission is considering ways to move forward. it addresses the congress's concern that no single trader is permitted to obtain a too large of a share to the market and derivatives markets remain fair and competitive. i believe it is critically important these position limits be established as required. industry groups sued the cftc argued the rules were too costly and would send
4:53 pm
money to other markets. bart chilton says this is tough news for those who believe there is too much speculative concentration in commodity futures and swap markets. back to you. liz: thank you very much. david: how, i got to ask, how many other courts is this case going to be appealed to? >> that's what they're considering right now. cftc's still questioning what the next step is going to be. this is a district court. so they could rewrite the rule to conform to the ruling or try to kick this up again and they haven't decided that yet. liz: rich edson, thank you very much. big ramifications for traders no doubt. david: that, rich. stocks ending the week on a down note as economic data disappoints. what is ahead for next week? we have the market moving numbers you need to watch. liz: plus a river runs through it. it, being mars. david: a river? liz: yes. the details on the mars --. david: easy for you to say. liz: curious new discovery. stay tuned. we can't talk here.
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time to go "off the desk." maybe there is life out seed of earth after all. nasa's new mars curiosity rover unearthed curious evidence of a stream, at least it looks like that once flowed on the planet's surface. while mars may not look like much now scientists believe it was once home to a lot of water. gravel from the ancient
4:58 pm
streambed indicates water was moving three feet per second. they really think it happened there. liz: ray bradbury told us it would. also "off the desk." not called the big apple for nothing. new york city staten island set to be the sight of that thing, the new york wheel. this $230 million tourist attraction will overlook the new york city, and man hat teen skyline. it will be surpass the london eye and the sings pour flyer. david: how many mafia will be buried under neat it. liz: david? david: staten island. time for top three things to watch next week. number three, ism manufacturing will be released on monday. august was the third month in a row of contraction in the factory sector. economists are expecting and you up tick let's hope in the report to 50 for september, showing expansion. at least a little bit, a tepid amount of expansion in the sector. liz: number two, minutes from the fed's september
4:59 pm
meeting are set to be revealed on thursday. there could shed light on the fed motives for launching the latest round of quantitative easing. >> also the number one thing to watch next week, this will jobs report. of course it is set to be released on friday. economists are expecting a gain of 115,000 nonfarm payrolls for the month of september. the jobless rate, to move a little bit higher to 8.2%. liz: we'll be watching it all for you. "money with melissa francis" next. melissa: i'm melissa francis and hire's what's "money" tonight. france green lights an insane tax hike. the country's wealthiest have to hand over 75% of their earnings to the french government. can you believe it? could this happen in the u.s.? plus the economy is a mess. why are more people suddenly feeling more confident and less conservative about their finances? are you? we're going to explain that coming up. the mayor of phoenix, arizona, goes on food stamps for a week to make a point. is the real point that the program loses 3/4 of a
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